28 October 2011

Update - Oil Disaster in New Zealand

Nearly 900 tonnes of oil removed from Rena
October 28, 2011 - 8:29PM

Nearly 900 tonnes of oil has been pumped from the container ship Rena grounded off New Zealand's Tauranga coast.

As of 2pm on Friday (1200 AEDT), 882 tonnes of oil had been pumped off Rena, which held 1700 tonnes when it crashed into the Astrolabe Reef on October 5.

About 350 tonnes of oil has leaked into the ocean killing more than 1300 birds.
Nearly 400 birds are being kept at a wildlife centre, some found oiled and others caught pre-emptively.

Three whales stranded at Papamoa Beach on Friday and a post-mortem examination was being done on one that died to see if oil was a factor. The other two whales were refloated. [...]

This used to be a bird:
From Daily Mirror UK
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