19 October 2011

"ICYMI" -- Chris Donovan Leads

Currently Chris Donovan is the Speaker of the House in Connecticut. He is undoubtably going to be the new Congressman from the Fifth of the 5 CT Congressional Districts.
You can donate to Chris Donovan's campaign via the link on the right side of this page or by clicking here.

This is a photo taken this week at an event for the Connecticut Working Families Party at a very cool place called the Pine Loft Pizzeria and Café on the Berlin Turnpike. Mr. Donovan knows how to comb his hair. I don't.
We were supporting the Mayoral campaigns of Art Garfunkel (Norwalk), Dan Drew (Middletown), and Tim O'Brien (New Britain), all of whom have been cross-endorsed by the CT Working Families Party.

"Working Families Party is an independent party that stands up for hard working every day families across Connecticut — not the Wall Street banks, the lobbyists and the CEOs."

Donate here to the CT Working Families Party.

And if you live in Norwalk, Middletown, New Britain (or Milford) -
Vote Row "A" on November 8th
to turn your town Blue!


Jon Green said...

Or row C, of course.
Thanks Tessa!

Tessa Marquis said...

Jon Green is the Executive Director of CT Working Families Party which appears on many ballots as Row "C". They are not on the ballot this year in my town, but will be next year.

The Rows are determined primarily by which party earned the most vote in the gubernatorial election, so this is the first time in 2 decades that the Democrats will be on Row "A", thanks to Dan Malloy.

When the Working Families Party is on your ballot, you are free to mark your vote on that line even if you are registered with another party.