21 October 2011

Suzanne Manning: Defining Community

Suzanne Manning is the Democratic Party’s candidate for Milford City Clerk.
It’s the only way the Government Center can get Better!

As a resident of Milford for 13 years and a businesswoman based here, Suzanne has made her mark on many far-reaching areas of our community.  With unbounded energy and attention to detail, her resume is stunning in its scope.  Here are the basics:
  •  Publisher of Milford Living Magazine chronicling the people, places, and events that make Milford such a special place to live and work.
  • Organizer, Annual Milford Living Kite Fly on Walnut Beach
  • Publisher of custom-designed magazines for select clients, as well as Q (smoking cessation quarterly), Be Well, and Personal Development magazines.
  • Entrepreneur: I-Tag-It, developing customized QR Codes
  • Milford Board of Aldermen, Representing the 3rd District, 2007-2009. Initiatives included
    - Recycling collection points at parks, beaches, and during special events
    - Buy American/local vendor initiative for city services
    - replace city cars with high mileage and hybrid vehicles
  • United Way (Milford) Board Member
  • Get In Touch Foundation (Breast Health Education), co-Founder and Board Member
  • Commissioner, Walnut Beach Commission
  • Memberships include Milford Chamber of Commerce, Network of Executive Women, Milford Historical Society, and too many more to mention.

As mother of two children, Suzanne has been active in the support of St. Ann’s School and St. Gabriel’s Church.  She bravely faced the challenge of coaching her son’s basketball team when he was at the most easily embarrassed age a man can be: 15.  

In addition, she cheerfully encourages her daughter’s new business ventures, which are devised with startling regularity each quarter.

The office of City Clerk is the primary resource for vital statistics and any document-related issues faced by residents or business owners in Milford.  As a small business entrepreneur, Suzanne has many creative, innovative ways to work efficiently within a limited budget. She knows how to transition the Clerk’s office from a “fold and file” paper office to a centralized resource for all transaction between citizens and their city.
Administrative jobs need not be a bureaucratic maze of red tape, phone calls shuttled from one person to another, and paperwork nightmares. A person with many skills and experiences can bring to their work a fresh, alternative approach to the job at hand. Rising to the challenge of a busy city means bringing into the workspace a sense of community spirit and streamlined customer service.
City Clerk is not a sit-down job at a distant desk in a chaotic workroom. It is a constantly changing environment where, in collaboration with various city departments, the staff could be involved with such initiatives as
  • Marketing the City of Milford
  •  Coordinating projects
  • Saving on costs
  • Managing City Services
Integrating widely dispersed information, the Clerk’s office can easily become the center of local government and citizen-generated materials.  The office is fundamentally situated for management and distribution of informational brochures, special purpose publications, online surveys, and social media outreach on behalf of the City of Milford.
In today's day and age, technology has become important in all our lives, and Suzanne’s experience, talent, and community focus will ensure that technological advances will be made in the City Clerk's office. 

It’s the only way the Center is ever gonna get Better!

Vote for Suzanne Manning on
Tuesday, November 8th
for Milford City Clerk

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