15 August 2011

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Sanctioning misconduct from a public defender by Gideon

In a system that is built on accountability, the punishment for violations of accepted standards is notoriously one-sided. Defendants, almost exclusively, are the ones penalized for failing to conform their behavior to the standardized and socially accepted norms. With good reason, obviously. But the criminal justice system isn’t a one-team sport: there are also judges and prosecutors. And all participants in this game are guilty of misconduct, albeit less frequently. Yet the ratio of transgressions to punishment is inexplicably lopsided when it comes to rule-breaking by officialdom. Courts that find “prosecutorial misconduct impropriety” rarely, if ever, impose punishment.

Bachmann rachets up the crazy from Connecticut Bob by CT Bob

God bless Michele Bachmann.

No, really. I mean it.

She is God's true gift to the Democrats.

Just when I was beginning to get worried that the Republicans might come up with a frontrunner who is just far enough center to sway moderate voters, up pops Michele with her special brand of wingnut crazy to win the Iowa straw poll.

Why Shays Beats McMahon
from Only In Bridgeport® by Lennie Grimaldi

Thirty million dollars. Fifty million. One hundred million. What’s the difference? Linda McMahon can spend any amount on a campaign and it becomes overkill. The McMahon forces are already trying to recast the wrestling queen as a kinder, softer, reasonable, consensus-building Republican in her latest quest for U.S. senate after losing to Dick Blumenthal last year.

Here’s why she will not defeat in a GOP primary former Congressman Christopher Shays, who owns a condo in Bridgeport, assuming he gets in the race for U.S. senate. More than 40 percent of registered Republicans live in Connecticut’s 4th and 5th congressional districts where Shays either represented voters or they recognize him from media overflow. In addition, a whole bunch of GOP political operatives who supported McMahon last year will gravitate to Shays because he’ll make a stronger general-election candidate.

Political strategists such as Hartford lobbyist Pat Sullivan will be happy to take McMahon’s money. They’ll make a fortune but it will be another loss even if they can find a way to slip her into the general election. McMahon’s profile will never appeal to female voters because the opposition will always be there to remind them of the professional ick factor she really represents.

Living in Fairfield Can Be Bad for Your Health from The Daily Fairfield by Richard Weizel

If you live in Fairfield County, chances are your wallet may be thicker than those of people anywhere else in the state. But it's not the best place in Connecticut to live a long life, breathe fresh air or stay sober.

Living in Fairfield County means you are more than twice as likely to be an alcoholic or heavy drinker than in other counties across the country. And air pollution in Fairfield County is worse when compared with state and national benchmarks. Those are among the findings of a study released recently by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

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