03 August 2011

Jim Collins Foundation

The Jim Collins Foundation raises funds to provide grants to transgender individuals who need, but cannot afford, gender-confirming surgery. In May of this year, the Foundation awarded its first grant.

What great kindness.

It takes lots of small donations to raise enough money to help out even one person.  As I understand it, this surgery is not covered by insurance, most likely due to prejudice and an assumption that this is "elective" and "cosmetic".  In reality, this surgery will allow the recipient to live more fully as their true gender. 

Fundraisers are often held in places like the 168 York Street Cafe, down one flight in what is sometimes called "an English basement". Usually, people want some entertainment when they donate.

This week there will be an open mic night, with a featured headliner, as well as many exclamation marks!

Saturday, August 6 at 8:00pm - August 7 at 1:00am
168 York Street Cafe at 168 York Street, New Haven, CT

Please come and join us for a night of local entertainment,
great people, good food, and strong drinks
...and it is all for a good cause!
Bring your talent or bring a friend!
The doors will open at 8...the show will start at 9.
Or - of course - you can just stay home and donate online instead.
Click here ya lazy but generous bum!

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