24 August 2011

Think Global: The Uganda Farmers Project

In 2007 Jane Holler and Dan Marecki of Milford established the not-for-profit Uganda Farmers, Inc.  to assist rural poor famers in Uganda.  Their organization has a relationship with the Kyembogo Farmers Association, a network of groups working towards their goals which include:
  • modernizing farming methods in a eco-friendly way via education and practicums
  • developing micro-credit to grow small business
  • collecting dues to help buy and distribute farm tools as well as goats, chickens, cows
  • caring for vulnerable widows and orphans.   

Lately, the major effort has been a water project for Rwesigiire, which was led by Fr. Emmanuel Byaruhanga. The project hit a milestone recently with the installation of a solar power pump.

We completed installing Solar pump system, there is water flowing and people are collecting it from a hill top where we shall put a Tank. The water is clean and safe; we have reports from water department recommending it for human and animal consumption. Our hearts are covered with much joy and our eyes with tears of joy and gratitude! People cannot imagine it that now we have water near us!! … we need to construct a water tank which will be serving as a water reservoir of about 30,000 to 40,000 liter capacity and laying of pipes and putting up some taps in water collection center around the village.
Learn more about this remarkable project on Thursday, August 25th at the Milford Democratic Town Committee meeting. Guest Speakers Jane Holler and Dan Marecki will be joined by Fr. Byaruhanga at 7:30 pm at the Milford Elks Lodge, 124 New Haven Ave, Milford CT 06460

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