28 August 2011

Monday Sing-along, advance posting! Goodnight Irene

Well, Hurricane Irene has passed.  "Goodnight Irene, I'll see you in my dreams."

This is the way I learned the song in the early 60s, from Pete Seeger on Mt. Tamalpais in Northern California. He came to sing for us at a campground every year. One of the gentlest men in the world. It was a privilege to sit at his feet while he sang.

Just. Like. This.

Thank you, Mr. Seeger. (sorry, can't find that film he is showing at the end)

The original, Huddie Ledbetter - "Leadbelly":

Aw heck, while we're at it, the delicious voice of Mississippi John Hurt:


Tessa Marquis said...

I figured I would put this up now...while I have electricity!

Jonathan Kantrowitz said...

Just saw a great bio of Seeger on Ch. 13 - American Maters. He's something else!