01 August 2011

Susan Bysiewicz - It ain't a Boy/Girl Thang.

EMILYs List (EarlyMoneyIsLikeYeast) is ruining their franchise.  The organization is (wo)mandated to support pro-choice females running for federal office.  That said, they need to be vetting the candidates more closely...

OP-ED in CT News Junkie
Dear EMILY’s List . . . Really?
by Sarah Darer Littman | Jul 28, 2011

Sarah Darer Littman
Sarah Darer Littman is a columnist for Hearst Newspapers and an award-winning novelist of books for teens. 

Dear EMILY’s List, I am a registered Democrat and a pro-choice woman, and I appreciate the goal of your organization. I’ve even given you money in the past.
But here’s the thing. When I decide who will get my vote, it’s based on a lot more than whether or not my candidate has a penis. My thought process is considerably more complex, because, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, we women are thoughtful, intelligent and educated and we want the best possible candidate regardless of sex, sexual orientation, religion or any other discriminatory factor.
That’s why I was appalled to see that you’d endorsed a flawed candidate like Susan Bysiewicz in the U.S. Senate race. Perhaps you didn’t do your research or actually talk to people in Connecticut?
The writer of this Op-Ed (full disclosure: a Pal o' Mine) goes on to use phrases like "overweening ambition" and "utter and complete tone-deafness" to describe the former Secy of the State. Click here to read the whole Op-Ed.

Susan "I coulda been a Contender" Bysiewicz has been a candidate for Governor, then Attorney General, and now US Senator, defying the 3-Strikes Rule.  The scandals and diversions and misdeeds and missteps are detailed in the CT News Junkie article, and I recommend everyone in Connecticut read it.

In addition, Here is a Blogger's Eye View from Mike Piersall at Political Cactus this past January:

why susan bysiewicz should not run:

well its official, if not entirely unexpected. truthfully the only surprise with the announcement is how soon it falls after last weeks tongue-in-cheek "i have no political plans" answer she gave to the day last week. now the question is "can she win?" [...]

as for susan... i am skeptical about this run. susan's strength has always been (1) name recognition and (2) a perception that she may win so you better support her or else. that perception is gone but the name recognition remains strong - for now. let's face it: if susan passes on this race, she has to wait. If she waits, her strength (name recognition) deteriorates - probably rapidly. this will be quite a challenge. can susan compete against a relatively junior house member in fundraising? will EMILY's list get behind the only democratic female candidate? are there other sources of money out there? will other female national organizations or candidates support susan? susan blew it as frontrunner but maybe she will do well as the dark horse.susan, i appreciate your service, but the last year was miserable, and I think even if you're losing a dem primary, you are going to hang around too long and damage the eventual winning candidate. you're damaged goods to a lot of Dems.
Please, oh please, don't do this. there is no way this turns out well.
But What About the Children?!?!?!
Here is a telling bit of juxtaposition from the archives:
"I am running for the U.S. Senate for the same reason I first entered public service: because I want this state to be a better place for my children and yours," Bysiewicz said in her emailed announcement. "As I travel across this state listening to the people of Connecticut, I hear over and over that too many of our children have to leave our state because there aren't enough opportunities here for them."
As quoted by Mark Pazniokas in The Connecticut Mirror (also back in January 2011)
New Secretary of the State Denise Merrill has cancelled a popular spring student essay and poster contest, telling elementary principals she was not left enough money by predecessor and 2012 U.S. Senate candidate Susan Bysiewicz.

"Unfortunately, when I took office in January, the Connecticut Citizenship Fund was nearly 100 percent depleted," Merrill recently wrote school administrators about delaying the 16-year-old competition until the fall.
As written by Brian Lockhart in the Greenwich Time (April 2011)
But Wait...There's More
Not that I am any kind of Fan of the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal, but here is what they published in March 2011:
The auditors' report released on Feb. 25 raised issues about oversight and management at Ms. Bysiewicz's previous office.

Connecticut's Office of the Secretary of the State is charged with managing corporate and other records for the state and collecting fees for the service. State auditors found errors in all 20 accounts they reviewed, leading the office to overstate its coffers by $5.2 million.

Auditors also pointed to questionable practices over three years when 30 employees accrued sick days as if they were working full-time even though they were on unpaid leave.

Other problems included reduced fees that were granted to out-of-state businesses without proper investigations to see if they were warranted.
As respite from all this, I remind all readers that you can contribute to the Chris Murphy for Senate campaign through this link.

My Photo of Chris Murphy taken in 2008 at the Bantam Picnic.

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