18 August 2011

"ICYMI Thursday" Dark Planet: - TrES-2b

TrES-2b is black with a slight red glow
"Being less reflective than coal or even the blackest acrylic paint—this makes it by far the darkest planet ever discovered," lead study author David Kipping said.
Illustration courtesy David A. Aguilar, CFA
"If we could see it up close it would look like a near-black ball of gas, with a slight glowing red tinge to it—a true exotic amongst exoplanets," added Kipping, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.[…]

"Some have proposed that this darkness may be caused by a huge abundance of gaseous sodium and titanium oxide," Kipping said. "But more likely there is something exotic there that we have not thought of before.

"It's this mystery that I find so exciting about this discovery."
Sisters of Mercy 1985

Then I saw this:
Priceless ending comments. Love this kid.

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